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Grand Master Tat Mau Wong's Long Distance Learning Program FAQ

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Why is Master Wong’s new Distance Learning program far better than the video training tapes available today?
A: This Distance Learning program uses the step-by-step format including training videos, text and test. The training process will guide and teach the students in detail, and by utilizing the enclosed materials; they can achieve the maximum result designed by Master Wong.

How can students benefit from the Distance Learning program?
A: Students who take the courses should learn their techniques gradually. Without rushing their programs, students can develop their basic skills as set forth by Master Wong at their own pace and also build a solid foundation of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu for further advancement. These programs are designed by Master Wong and his instructor teams, who have taught thousands of students and have conveyed their most precious experiences into these training materials. As a result, the students will follow the most comprehensive and proven training methods in the Choy Lay Fut system.

How do the Martial Arts beginners start their lessons?
A: The beginner student should know and determine what style of Martial Arts he/she is interested in. Then select the Choy lay Fut entry level training to develop their foundation in that style. Gradually, he/she can progress to higher levels after completion of the entry level.

How do I know Choy Lay Fut style is best for me?
A: It is important that once you enroll in a certain style, with training procedures and continuous practices; you should be able to determine if the style or the Master is right for you.

How do the experienced Martial Arts practitioners choose their programs?
A: Experienced practitioners are more aware of their physical abilities and their preference of a particular Martial Arts style. They just need to select the Master Wong’s Distance Learning levels that correspond to their current studying status, and continue with their training at their own pace. Some students who are taking the Distance learning agree that the materials received are complementary to what they have learned from their own schools.

What is the difference between completion letter and Certification letter from the Masters?
A: A completion letter will be issued once the student passed the test after completion of their learning level. Some students will pick different levels but not in sequence; this will entitle them to different completion letters based on levels completed. A Certification letter is issued by Master Wong only when students have completed ALL required levels and passed the final tests.

Once students receive a Certification letter, how can they continue their training for higher levels?
A: Once students receive Certification from Master Wong, they can further their study by applying for individual tailored advance classes (black belt club) designed personally by Master Wong.

What additional benefits can students enjoy after they have joined the Distance Learning program?
A: There are many benefits: You can join the annual Instructors Seminar with discount admission fee, or join our organized tour to the Shaolin Temple in China (root of all Chinese Martial Arts), or join our Certified Instructor clubs to access management tools for opening up your own schools.

Once a student advances to Black belt level through the Distance Learning Program, how can he become a Certified Instructor?
A: The advance Instructor classes and Instructor Certification will be provided through personal training with Master Wong and his Instructors. Being a Certified Instructor takes more than just forms and techniques; there will be more academic and business training required. It is important that you are prepared to devote more time in polishing your technical and personal skills to take on the challenge of being a Certified Instructor.