Young Adult receives 3rd degree Black Belt from Sifu Mike Lee with Master Choe and Grand Master Wong


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Teaching Philosophy

Integrity, Kindness, Wisdom, and Bravery

Our teaching philosophy is based on these four powerful characters: Integrity, Kindness, Wisdom, and Bravery.

Dr. S.K. Ting, one of Grand Master Wong’s mentors hand drew these Chinese characters that adorn the walls of each Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy to inspire us.  These characters represent our teaching philosophy that Grand Master Wong has promoted since opening in 1983, allowing students to gain the most out of learning this extremely effective form of self-defense.  Students also enjoy the artistic and athletic aspects of the forms and techniques, all while having a positive environment for learning.

Integrity – Our Instructors maintain and continually improve their own skills so that they are a constant inspiration to the students.  

Kindness – The learning environment encourages comradery because our Instructors are helpful and kind people who care about each student’s progress, understand students’ desire to improve themselves, and support the original mission to help all kinds of people benefit from learning Kung Fu.   

Wisdom – The quest for knowledge is evident at the schools with many high ranking Black Belts still training and participating. Our instructors model the love of learning as each continues their journey of training. As well, Grand Master Wong has provided senior level courses and extracurricular activities that promote deeper learning as with the trips to Hong Kong and China to discover the roots first hand.  

Bravery – Students develop a great sense of confidence and awareness which allows them to be brave when facing challenges. Whether it is for self-defense, dealing with a bully, taking a test, trying out for a sport, or applying for college or a new job; being brave is an underlying strength of character that comes from practicing Kung Fu and supports many aspects of life.

Instructors promote an encouraging, upbeat, energetic, and technically oriented classroom atmosphere that supports the teaching philosophy. We help our students achieve their goals, learning and refining the fine points of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, and getting and staying in shape.

We welcome you to try a class and see how you can benefit.

Try our introductory class now and get 1/2 OFF. Only $10 (normally $20) for a private or semi-private lesson.

Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy offers private or semi-private introductory lessons at any of our academies
between 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday and between 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM on Saturdays.

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