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Grandmaster Tat  Mau Wong


    • ·         Originally from Hong Kong, Grand Master Wong has been involved in martial arts since 1963. 
      • o   Student of the Great Grand Master Poon Sing and Grand Master Lee Koon Hung
      • o   Began his teaching with Kung Fu and Judo at the Hong Kong University
      •     Grand Master Wong is currently ranked as a 10th degree Black Belt
    •           Part of the Hong Kong performance team with the Great Grand Master Shek Kin (Mr. Han from the Bruce Lee movie ‘Enter the Dragon’) who together wowed the crowds in Paris, New York, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco with their speed, power, and unique style of Kung Fu. 
    •           Full-contact fighter in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia – Recognized as one of the most formidable fighters in his day – with a following from Hong Kong to Singapore
    •           Students and Instructors from as far away as Brazil flocked to him since he immigrated in 1983 to San Francisco CA, USA. 
    •           Both forms and fighting champion – with Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do expertise, he’s been able to pass on the best of the best to his students.
    •           Host of TV’s ‘Kung Fu Theater’ on KTSF
    •           Senior coordinator of the Chinese Martial Arts division of Disney’s Martial Arts Festival, DisneyWorld®
  •           Head Coach for the USA Wushu Team who competed in the Beijing 2008 Wushu tournament held alongside the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing.

Grand Master Wong has graced the covers of many martial arts magazines and been awarded by Television shows and organizations over the years for his dedication.  He was the host of TV’s late night classic ‘Kung Fu Theater’ (KTSF) and was featured on Discovery Channel’s show ‘Kung Fu: The Animal Within’, as well as co-hosted for the annual San Francisco Chinese New Year’s Day Parade. 

His schools in the San Francisco Bay Area have expanded under him and his Professional team of Instructors since he first opened his doors on California Street in 1983 and later moved to Clement Street in 1989.  Now his top level Instructors who themselves have achieved the ranks of Master s, Sifus, and Black Belt Instructors, lead the way in the Kung Fu industry from USA to South America where his home schools and his affiliates continue to help people gain health, fitness, and confidence through learning the traditional art of Kung Fu.


  •   ‘Best of the Bay’ by both KPIX Evening Magazine and San Francisco Bay Guardian Magazine

  •   Ranked by Inside Kung Fu Magazine as one of the ‘Top 100 Most Influential Martial Artists of the 20th Century’
  •   Ranked in Black Belt Hall Magazine’s Hall of Fame for:  ‘Man of the Year’, ‘Kung Fu Artist of the Year’, and ‘Instructor of the Year’
  •  San Francisco’s Mayor Willie Brown Proclaimed November 13th as Master Tat-Mau Wong Day and Received ‘Certificate of Honor’ by the Board of Supervisors.
  • November 2016 Grand Master Wong was honored at an International Martal Arts event in Malaysia, inducted into their Hall of Fame

There are very few Masters who can achieve success in the ring and in operating schools that maintain a high level of training for such a long period of time.   And, there are very few schools who can claim direct lineage to the real Masters of their style.  Grand Master Wong has continued to train and illustrate the love of learning and continued to pass on his knowledge and expertise to his Instructors.