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On the walls of the Academy are the ancient Chinese characters that portray the essence of the true kung fu martial artist:

The meaning behind these four powerful characters.......

Ancient Chinese characters on the wall of Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy


Whether it's peak fitness, self-defense, or competition that you crave, our professional instructors will guide you every step of the way through our exciting and well structured curriculum

Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy Kickboxing

Lion Dance

The Chinese Lion Dance and Dragon Dance is a traditional part of Kung Fu training, and the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy has been performing this exciting and colorful art with great expertise since 1983.

Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy Lion Dancing

Distance Learning

We are very excited to re-introduce Grandmaster Tat-Mau Wong's Distance Learning program (DL), now in DVD format. This program is designed and tailored to offer a comprehensive and progressive learning experience for all students.

Grandmaster Wong's Distance Learning Program
Grandmaster Wong

Originally from Hong Kong, Grandmaster Tat-Mau Wong has been involved in martial arts since 1963.......


Following in Grandmaster Wong's footsteps, our professional Black Belt instructors are experts in both the art of Kung Fu.......


All are Black Belt instructors or have additionally acheived the title of SIFU due to their years of experience.......


Grandmaster Tat Mau WongGrandmaster Wong

Check out the article in Kung Fu Magazine celebrating Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy's 30 years of excellence

Welcome to the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy and Kickboxing Center

Tat Wong Kung Fu students and instructors

With roots dating back thousands of years to the famed Shaolin Temple in China; the Chinese Martial Art of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu offers the perfect balance of powerful techniques and a kung fu philosophy rich in the traditions of respect and inner strength.
World-renowned Grandmaster Tat-Mau Wong, who has been training in martial arts since the early 1960s, has combined the traditional effective self-defense techniques and kung fu forms and weapons training to make an unparalleled training program of modern self-defense, kickboxing and kung fu in a motivating class atmosphere.
It is this fine balance of martial arts techniques and philosophy, together with our dedicated team of professional Kung Fu Instructors that makes training at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy & Kickboxing Center an energetic and inspiring experience, where people of all ages enjoy the physical and mental benefits of getting in shape while learning the ancient art of self defense in a style of martial arts unique to Master Tat-Mau Wong and the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy.

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Latest Updates


Chinese New Years Parade - March 7th, 2015

On Saturday, March 7th, Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy brought together 60 performers, as well as flag-bearers and lions, to perform at the Southwest Airlines' 2015 Chinese New Year Parade


TWKFA Black Belt Test - November 2014

On Saturday, November 15th, nearly 50 Bay Area Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy students gathered for our Winter 2014 Black Belt Test.


TWKFA Black Belt Test - August 2014

On Saturday, August 6th, more than 20 students of the Bay Area’s Tat Wong Kung Fu Academies gathered for our 2014 Summer Black Belt Test.

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